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Simply Canine knows that your
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They’re family.

Simply Canine is an herbal supplement built around custom analytics. Recognizing quality is everything when striving for effectiveness. We are dedicated to meet the needs of dog owners with exceptional products and service along with affordable prices. Contact us for more details.


We are dedicatd to helping your dog achieve optimal health. All our herbs have a chicken gravy flavor. Your dog will now look forward to their supplements!

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

When I heard simply equine was going to start doing hair analysis for dogs I got SO excited because I’ve had such amazing results with my horses. The two herbal blends that have helped my dog Baya the most are; K9 Tissue Support & K9 Calmer. After about 2-3 weeks of adding the gravy flavored herbs to her food every night, it is like I have a whole new dog. 80% less “compulsive stress air licking” & she can keep her eyes on the ball way better! Baya would also get really grumpy in the afternoons towards other dogs, and now she’s much more  playful all the time!

Bobbi Jo N.

Terrebonne, Oregon

Absolutely LOVE these products! We heard about the hair analysis through a friend of ours and it was the best thing ever! Our dog is a large breed and he was losing hair and we couldn’t figure out why. We tried changing his diet and nothing worked. We did the hair analysis and found out he needed the liver balance. We put him on the herbs and after 60 days he was no longer losing hair and his energy level had returned! We sent in his hair for a recheck and he was all GOOD! Loving the results of these herbs! We will definitely be using you guys again in the near future for our other dog!

Dave J.

Madison Wisconsin

I am loving the K9 Allergy Blend! Our 5 year old Newfoundland has struggled with chronic ear infections her whole life. We tried many different foods and diets including a raw diet. Nothing worked! We started Daisy on the K9 Allergy blend and applied the Wound Salve on the part of the ear flap that was red and inflamed with in a matter of a couple days we saw results! She recieves the K9 Allergy blend once a day and now she is FINALLY free from ear infections! We are beyond grateful for these awesome herbs!

Michelle M. 

Monticello, Minnesota